Friday, August 27, 2010

Things you may not know about me

Favorite color:black n pink,Favorite food:chicken ,Favorite drink:water,white wine,vodka(favorite ciroc)mojito,Favorite vacay spot:South Beach,Places I would like to visit:Key West,San Francisco,Tokyo,Houston(again)Atlantic City,If I could get something small for free it would be:Indian Remi hair,Chanel bag's,Favorite stores:Forever 21,BEBE,Urban outfitters,Flowers or candy?neither money,Celeb crush:Plies,Reggie Bush,Denzel Washington,If I could hang with any female celeb for day it would be:Mary J Blige, Give or take?I would take..sometime's you have to be selfish,High or drunk?Drunk,Sex is best when your?Really into your partner and they are into you.Favorite place to eat?Chilli's,Can't live without?Chapstick,cellphone,family,and friend's,If I could do anything in life I would?Be a best selling author,Look's,money,personality?all three,If I could have any celeb style it would be?Amber Rose...Bad boy's or good boy's?Mix of both...Favorite movie?Halloween(all of them)If I ruled the world?F**k it why answer that?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Ballers

Most men will be lying if they say they don't want a fly chick...I don't care if she's big or small.(to each it's on).That's why most men work so hard fronting in the club like they are baller's Don't get me wrong if you offering to buy a drink I'll take it,but keep it moving.I go out and laugh at the guy's that hang around football player's ,rapper's,club dj's,and dope boys.They want to be looked at as if they are baller's.Then can't figure out why chick's take their drink's and run..or give them fake number's.Your a weekend baller boo and I see right through you.Nothing wrong with wanting to look nice and have respect but damn...Be yourself.. living your life through another man is not wut's up Stop trying to get ass cus your homeboy has$$$(your sort of a male groupie) your clingy to your male friend's...Sorry but if your not earning 65,ooo and up your not a damn baller..No I don't knock anyone for making money but don't walk around here like your in the Nfl .To make matter's worst female's are getting fooled by you posers(but that's what they get for sleeping with a guy to damn early) My new Boo isn't rich and i respect him..He's not trying to be anyone elese.I really bother's me to see a man walking around with one bottle all damn night not sharing(come on son!!)Then when you approach a chick you can't buy her a 6 dollar drink..But you're wearing Lacoste,Polo,and diamonds.Spending all you paycheck on getting in Vip to hang with whatever rapper is in town just to look good on Facebook..Sorry i can't respect that..Well I'm done...don't want to look like a male basher..Rip to the Weenked baller's next post(weekend socialites)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Songs to help get over a breakup

Even though I haven't been through a breakup recentley these are my song's that could help get you or a me music is therapy..and is great when your alone and going through a break up #1Plies (Awesome))You should always feel good about yourself...this song is will help..#2 Mariah Carey(Heartbreaker) just listen to it...#3MaryJ Blige (Not gonna cry)okay I know it's hard not to cry when you get your heart broken but damn..dry your tear's and keep it movin#4 Faith Evans (You get's no love) don't let a man have control over you when you guy's breakup#5 Chrisette Michelle(Epiphany)Just listen to the lyrics #6Rocko(Umma do me)hell why not he's doin him #7Keyshia Cole (I should have cheated) you know if sumone is cheating don't wait to get your's#8 Monice(Knock knock)they will come back for but dont let em lol#9Mary J Blige ft.Lil Kim (I can love you)you know you are better than his or her new this song will build confidence and you can dance to it#10 Mya(Movin on) hell if Mya can do it so can you :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best ways to meet a Celeb

#1 Become a photographer #2 Become a high end escort in Vegas #3 Become a stripper in Atlanta or Miami #4 Twitter #5 Become a groupie anywhere (After Jaguar games)lol

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Top lies men tell

#1 she's just a friend#2I love you#3 I'm getting divorced soon(but I gotta wait for the right time)#4 only married for the kid's#5 I've been wanting you for along time#6 I'm not happy with her#7 My phone went dead#8 I was drunk and fell alseep at my homeboy house#9 I take care of all my kid's #10 I'll pullout#11 I love you more than I love myself#12 My sex game is serious#13 I have never cheated on a woman#14 I'm in between jobs#15 I rather come to your house and chill so i can get to know you..I could go on and on about lies that men tell..First let me say this were grown so you dont have to lie to be with me!First if a man is married and claims he is going through a divorce makesure he lives alone..If he doesnt then what does that tell you?Moving on..when i see i guy that i havent saw in years they claim they always wanted to talk to me..first of all that's bullshit..i give them a side eye..because what he is really saying is that you look better than before now i want some..don't ever let a man slide up in ya without a condom(unless your married,or in a committed relationship)could you imagine haveing a baby from a guy your not with(wut would your parents think)and worst getting a std..if he is good in bed he wont brag..hell half the time guys are barley having sex..on top of that action's speak louder than words..On anytime a man say's he love's you more than he love's his self don't talk to him anymore..thats just game so that he can cheat and you'll let him..dont't ever date a man that doesnt have a job..he shouldn't be out looking to find a women he should be looking for a job..and with that being said never let a guy come over and chill as a first date..(tha'ts self explanatory)hell restaurant's are recession proof..(Applebee's,Chilli's 3 for $20 and 2 4 1 drink's)Basically all I'm trying to say is read between the many times do you want to be made a fool??If a man loves you like's you ,or respect you he wont lie...As i get older I see thing in a different light.A man will only do to you what you allow him to do..if a man tell's you anyone of those lie's run the other way and never look back..I have done it many time without regrets..Men dont realize that they can get far if they told the truth..Hell you might not like the truth but you'll respect it...And my modo is and always will be "You cant play a playa"

Top lies from a stripper

#1-Im paying my way through college #2-Im a model#3 my ass is real i aint got not booty shots#4 I don't trick off for money#5 I made 5,000 dollar's in 1 night

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

R&B Dead??

First let me say this.Hip hop isnt dead....the artsit that are selling and makeing hits deserve it.. But in my opinion R&B artist are getting a raw the hell could B.E.T... not nominate Grammy winning singer Monica for best female singer of the year??Can you talk about a slap in the face!!B.E.T odviously didnt want to upset their big name stars like Beyonce,and Rhianna.Even though Monica has been around longer than the both of them..Don't get me wrong but I love Alicia Keys,but Chrisette Michele's voice and album was just as good as Alica if not better..But there goes the stereotype..Alicia is biracial,and Chrisette is not(hence the brown skin) Its room in the game for the both of them..if you ask me..Basically what I'm trying to say is I don't think i can stomach hearing Rhianna,Beyonce,and Kerri Hilson on the radio..Fantasia is our modern day Patti LaBelle..but she is labeled country..ghetto..and trashy..why is that?I guess if she pranced around in a bathing suit she in her next video(hence Beyonce) she would be called a diva.(or is it the dark skin and tattoos)R&B isn't dead yet but it is n a coma.Style over substance has taken over soul music..There artist in my eyes such as Teedra Moses..Yahzarah..Alice Smith..Goapele..that are some of the greatest in this generation..but then agian who am I?Just a fan...At the end of the year R&B legend Faith Evans is coming back with true r&b..Will she be accepted back into the game??I will damn sure be glad to turn on the radio and hear the First lady of R&B'S voice..But with that being said R&B and soul,isnt quite dead but it is in a come:(